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Adelynrood is a retreat and conference center owned and operated by The Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross.

We offer women and men an opportunity to visit and to discover new resources for spiritual development through conferences and workshops, as well as individual or group retreats.


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Our Fall 2014 Program!


Poetry in the Realm of the Spirit: Devotional Poetry in the Literature of Spain and Latin America

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October 18 (Saturday 9:00 - 4:00)

Leader: Rhina P. Espaillat


The devotional writing of five centuries of Spanish and Latin American poets will be used to inspire workshop participants in the composing of their own devotional poems. Such diverse authors as 16th Century Spanish mystic, St. John of the Cross, and contemporary Dominican poet, journalist and teacher, Cesar Sanchez Beras, of Massachusetts will be considered to help participants to be aware of the widely divergent styles of devotional poetry and the role of poetry in the life of the spirit.

Program fee $75 includes lunch

Program check-in 8:30 am Saturday




Adelynrood also has private rooms available mid-May through September for individuals

who would like to spend unstructured time in a community of prayer and hospitality.

Groups with religious, educational or social concerns

are invited to hold their meetings at Adelynrood.


For Individual Reservations, Contact: Reservations@Adelynrood.org

For Group Reservations, Contact: GeneralManager@Adelynrood.org


The Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross is a community of women, Christ's disciples,

called by God to a life of prayer, transformation and reconciliation within ourselves, within our

Companionship, within our faith communities, and within the whole creation.


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Devotional Poetry

October 18

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