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Main House

Adelynrood's Main House was built in 1914 in the Arts and Crafts style as a summer retreat house. Adelynrood is both gracious and rustic. It has wide screened porches, an abundance of rocking chairs, and libraries for browsing.

In the center of the Main House is the Portal, between our Dining Room and Lobby. It has nice views to the front and rear of the house. There is usually a basket of suntan lotion and insect repellent to use by the door, in case you forgot yours.

In the Lobby you will meet the Hostess, who will check you in and answer any questions. There is a board with the day's events. The Lobby also has the Adelynrood Shop, where you can buy books, post cards, and Adelynrood/SCHC apparel, bags, and other items.

The Main House has 65 bedrooms; most rooms are singles. The majority of the bedrooms are on the upper floor. The main floor bedrooms have fully accessible bathrooms nearby. Each bedroom has a twin bed, bureau, desk, chair, fan, and bed linens & towels for your visit. You will find each bedroom slightly different. Some bedrooms open to the back porches, where there are rocking chairs. There are many bathrooms located throughout the house. Some bathrooms include charming old claw-foot bathtubs for your soaking pleasure.

Off the Lobby is our Common Room. The Common Room is the largest room in the house. It has a big field-stone fireplace and is air conditioned during hot weather. The Common Room can be configured in many ways from conference style to open floor plan depending on the program or Visiting Group's needs.

Off the Common Room to the right is the Main Library. The Main Library is one of 5 libraries in the building. This library has nice sitting areas and another field stone fireplace. It also has a computer to access our online catalog so you can find where a specific book is located. For more information about our libraries, please see the Libraries page.

The Della Robbia Porch is located between the Common Room and our Della Robbia wing bedrooms. The Della Robbia Porch is one of the most requested areas by Visiting Groups. It has windows on both side allowing beautiful views. You can open the windows or enjoy the air conditioning in hot weather. The Della Robbia Porch is normally configured with wicker chairs but can be configured with tables and/or chairs.

On the other side of the Portal is our Dining Room. Meals are served buffet style. We have communal tables for 4-10 people. We encourage guests to mingle. There is one table set aside for those who want a silent meal. If you have never eaten at Adelynrood, we hope you will be pleasantly surprised. Our chef is excellent. More information on dining is available on our Dining page

Next to the Dining Room is the New York Room. This room has a wood stove for those chilly summer mornings. The New York Room has comfortable wicker and rocking chairs so you can sit down and talk with others, or read. Many evenings we will have our Social Hour before dinner in this room.

On the back side of the house there are screened porches on both floors of the wings and on the second floor of the main part of the house. There is a covered brick walkway from the Della Robbia Porch/Common Room over to the Dining Room/New York Room, making it easy to get around on the main level.

If you want to explore more about the building layout, check out our building map or contact our General Manager (click here) for a tour.

Adelynrood Retreat & Conference Center
46 Elm Street
Byfield, MA 01922-2812

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