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Healthy Meals at Adelynrood

The goal of our kitchen staff is to create healthy, seasonally appropriate meals that appeal to many taste preferences. A guest who stays with us for several days will find a buffet that is an eclectic mix ranging from light and health conscious "Spa Cuisine" to traditional American comfort foods.

Many of our guests comment that they enjoy the variety of ethnic and regional American cuisines that keep the meals from getting commonplace. Our foods are accentuated with lots of fresh produce that is prepared in a simple fashion that doesn't obscure the underlying natural flavors.

Practically everything that we serve is made from scratch. The menus are designed to make the best use of what the season has to offer. Freshness is very important to us. When it comes to dessert, some of our guests are counting calories and some want to indulge. We're proud of our desserts, and love to create temptations to top off the meal. The majority of our desserts are also made from scratch with: no trans fats, reduced calorie, and sensible portions. We always offer fresh fruit or garden salads in addition to our regular meals.

Manager, Adam Segal has been cooking professionally for over 20 years. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Having worked in a wide variety of catering, academic and restaurant kitchens Adam is delighted to cook for Adelynrood. The light and airy kitchen has a peaceful quality that allows the Chef and the dedicated support staff to thrive. They love what they do and it shows!

Adelynrood Retreat & Conference Center
46 Elm Street
Byfield, MA 01922-2812

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