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If you are curious about the Society of Companions of the Holy Cross, we invite you to “Come and you will see” as Jesus said to John’s disciples in John 1:39. You can do that by visiting a meeting of one of the chapters.

A chapter visit will let you see firsthand how Companions live into their vows of intercessory prayer, thanksgiving and simplicity in the setting of a spiritual community. You will be warmly greeted and experience a time of intercessions, a program, and sharing of spiritual journeys. The programs include a variety of formats and topics such as prayer, book discussions, and social justice issues. The average attendance at a monthly chapter meeting is about twelve to twenty depending on the size of the chapter. Chapter meetings are held in churches and homes.

My own experience of attending a chapter meeting for the first time was that it felt as if I had come home, by which I mean the welcome was sincere, and I felt I could be myself. I have been a Companion for fifteen years, and it has greatly enhanced my life to engage in intentional practices of prayer, thanksgiving and simplicity, and to have the companionship of other women doing the same.

If you email me with your location, I will contact the Associate Companion-in-Charge of the closest chapter near you, and she will contact you with an invitation and information about the schedule and location of the upcoming meetings.

In Companionship,
Jeanne (Muffy) Paradise
Society of Companions of the Holy Cross
Companion-in-Charge of Chapters

Adelynrood Retreat & Conference Center
46 Elm Street
Byfield, MA 01922-2812

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