Program Questions, email or call 978-462-6721, x31
Visiting Group Questions, email or call 978-462-6721, x11

Being Our Guest

We welcome all, women and men, who cross our threshold looking for a place of peace and strive to make everyone’s stay restful and renewing.

Hostesses are on duty in the lobby from 9 am to 9 pm when the house is open to welcome all guests and provide support to all who come to Adelynrood.

Life and meals at Adelynrood are centered around the Holy Routine, in which everyone, including guests and conference attendees, is welcome to participate to any extent that they wish.

The Holy Routine and meals follow this general outline (subject to change):

  • 7:00 Canticle of the Sun
  • 7:15 Morning Prayer (Eucharist Wednesday & Sunday)
  • Breakfast
  • Noon Intercessory Prayer
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 6:30 Dinner
  • 9:00 Compline

Everyone in the house is asked to keep silence between the end of Compline in the evening and the morning Canticle. For Quiet Days and Silent Retreats the main house is quiet all the time. There are areas designated for quiet conversation during most silent times.

Guests who wish to come to Adelynrood outside of organized program or on personal retreat, please call to check availability, and follow the process on the Visiting Individuals page.

Adelynrood Retreat & Conference Center
46 Elm Street
Byfield, MA 01922-2812

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