2012 Program Leaders


Mary Kitses , SCHC

Mary Kitses, SCHC, is trained in leading contemplative prayer groups and retreats. She is a graduate of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Wash, DC. Mary also offers both individual and group spiritual direction

The Rev. Jacqueline Schmitt, SCHC

The Rev. Jacqueline Schmitt, SCHC, Rector of St. David’s Church, DeWitt, NY, has served over 30 years in ordained ministry on college campuses, with young adults and in a variety of parishes. She was editor of Plumbline, a journal of ministry in higher education, and has published book chapters on the influence of Vida Dutton Scudder on the Episcopal Church and the SCHC. She first encountered Julian
in a seminary class in 1979. www.CommunityParson.blogspot.com

Sybil MacBeth

Sybil MacBeth is a dancer, a doodler, and a former community college mathematics professor. She combines her experience in the classroom with her lifelong love of prayer to offer workshops that engage differing learning styles. As the author of Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God (2007) she has led over 100 workshops and retreats. Her book has been translated into Spanish and Korean. Learn more at her website and blog www.prayingincolor.com

Jeanette Renouf, SCHC, PhD, DMin

Gillian Thomas, SCHC

Jeanette Renouf, SCHC, PhD, DMin and Gillian Thomas, SCHC – Jeanette is a founder and teacher in The Tacheria Interfaith School of Spiritual Direction and Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction, both in
Tucson, AZ. Jeanette is a practicing spiritual director, trained at South London Institute of Spiritual Direction in England, and conducts workshops and retreats around the world. Following her career as a
community planner, Gilli trained in spiritual direction at General Theological Seminary in New York City and has a practice in Madison, NJ which she combines with her love of gardening.

The Rev. Suzanne Guthrie

The Rev. Suzanne Guthrie is the author of Praying the Hours and Grace's Window: Entering the Seasons of Prayer. She has led retreats throughout the United States since 1979. She and her husband Bill currently live with the sisters of The Community of the Holy Spirit on their organic farm in Brewster, New York where she serves as resident priest. Suzanne posts a self-guided retreat based on the upcoming Gospel Reading each week at www.EdgeOfEnclosure.org

Dr. Kathleen Henderson Staudt

Dr. Kathleen Henderson Staudt works as a scholar, teacher, poet and spiritual director in the Washington, DC area teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary and Wesley Theological Seminary. An officer of the Evelyn Underhill Association (www.EvelynUnderhill.org), she facilitates the annual Evelyn Underhill day of Quiet Reflection held at the Washington National Cathedral in June. She shares with Underhill a passion for the creative life of the spirit and the life of the mind. Kathy is the author, most recently, of two books of poems: Annunciations: Poems out of Scripture and Waving Back: Poems of Mothering Life. A regular contributor to episcopalcafe online, she blogs at www.PoetProph.blogspot.com

The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry

Bishop Michael Curry was consecrated as Bishop of North Carolina in 2000. He received the Master of Divinity degree in 1978 from Yale Divinity School. He has a national preaching and teaching ministry,
having been featured on The Protestant Hour and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the country. He has received honorary degrees from Sewanee and Yale.

The Rt. Rev. Mary Douglas Glasspool

The Rt. Rev. Mary Douglas Glasspool was elected eighth bishop suffragan of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles in 2009. Bishop Glasspool’s career includes work as a parish priest in Boston, Philadelphia, and Maryland, and nine years as canon to the Bishops of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. She authored the chapter called Fuel for the Journey in the book on which this weekend is based. This book is the number one best seller on Amazon’s Religion and Spirituality section, Nov. 2011. She is a dynamic, spirit-filled presence in church leadership, inclusion, social and economic justice, ecumenical and interreligious ministries.

The Rt. Rev. Frank T. Griswold

The Rt. Rev. Frank T. Griswold is the former Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.

The Rev. Dr. Jane Tomaine, SCHC

The Rev. Dr. Jane Tomaine, SCHC, is an Episcopal priest, nationally known retreat leader, and author of St. Benedict’s Toolbox: The Nuts and Bolts of Everyday Benedictine Living. Jane served as rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Livingston, NJ for 12 years. Since April 2008 she has dedicated her ministry to leading retreats, teaching and writing on Benedictine Spirituality. Jane also serves as Priest Associate at Calvary Episcopal Church in Summit, NJ. Visit www.StBenedictsToolbox.org

Brother Eldridge Pendleton, SSJE

Brother Eldridge Pendleton, SSJE, is an Episcopal priest and a longtime member of the Society of St. John the Evangelist, an Anglican religious order in Cambridge, MA. There he teaches, preaches, leads retreats and is a spiritual director.


2011 Program Leaders


Francey Slater

Francey Slater, MEd, is the Education & Outreach Coordinator of CitySprouts in Cambridge, MA, a nonprofit garden program that works with children and teachers in twelve public schools. She has helped people learn how to grow food in Mexico and India, and has taught ecology, nutrition, and cooking classes in Vermont, Maine and Pennsylvania. Francey will be joined by other CitySprouts staff whose members have a rich, collective history of growing and preparing delicious garden produce.

BJ Dyer , SCHC

BJ Dyer, SCHC, EDS, LPC, is a retired Certified School Counselor in Georgia, and a Licensed Professional Counselor. In addition to counseling, she lectures on social justice issues and lobbies on the state and national level for wellness programs for children and youth. She also delights in being a grandmother.


Kathleen Norris

Kathleen Norris is a poet and author of The New York Times bestsellers The Cloister Walk, Dakota: A Spiritual Geography, and Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith, which details her spiritual journey. Settling with her husband in her grandmother’s house in Lemmon, SD, she joined the Presbyterian Church and later became an oblate of Assumption Abbey, a Benedictine Community. Subsequently, she spent two years in residence at the Ecumenical Institute at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN. She became a widow in 2003, and now resides in Hawaii, where she volunteers at her local Episcopal Church.

Mary Kitses

Mary Kitses, SCHC is a graduate of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Washington, DC. Trained in leading contemplative prayer groups and retreats. Mary also offers both individual and group spiritual direction.

Esther de Waal

Esther de Waal is an Anglican lay woman, mother, grandmother, and gardener living on the borders of England and Wales. The author of many books, with a PhD from Cambridge, England, she increasingly finds she draws her energy from symbol and image and the visual.

Jeanette Renouf , SCHC

Jeanette Renouf, SCHC, PhD, DMin – Is a founder and teacher in The Tacheria Interfaith School of Spiritual Direction and Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction, both in Tucson, AZ. Jeanette is a practicing spiritual director, trained at South London Institute of Spiritual Direction in England, and conducts workshops and retreats around the world.

Gillian Thomas , SCHC

Gillian Thomas, SCHC, MA – Following her career as a community planner, Gilli trained in spiritual direction at General Theological Seminary in New York City and has a practice in Madison, NJ, which she combines with her love of gardening.

Joan Bowers , SCHC

Joan Bowers, SCHC, MA, is a college instructor in New Hampshire as well as a leader of spiritual formation courses and retreats. She is a practicing spiritual director, trained at the Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction in Tucson, AZ.

Lis Gordon, SCHC

Lis Gordon, SCHC, was a Human Resources professional who now spends her time painting, drawing, and memoir writing. She was an EFM mentor for many years, and is an active member of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Beverly, MA. Come visit our blog www.patternsofprayer.blogspot.com where we share our own prayer practices that have expanded our personal experience of God’s presense in our lives. We’d love to hear about yours.

Priscilla Wood, SCHC

Priscilla Wood, SCHC, MDiv, is a grandmother, a spiritual director, and an Episcopal priest. She believes the ways of praying are as infinite and as varied as the ways the Divine expresses love. Come visit our blog www.patternsofprayer.blogspot.com where we share our own prayer practices that have expanded our personal experience of God’s presense in our lives. We’d love to hear about yours.

Jane Carol Redmont

Jane Carol Redmont, PhD, author of When in Doubt, Sing: Prayer in Daily Life, is a theologian, writer, spiritual director, preacher, and worker for justice. Born in France into a family of U.S. journalists, she has a rich religious and cultural heritage which she brought into the Episcopal Church shortly after the turn of the millennium. Before this, she worked as a Catholic campus, parish, and urban minister including a time as Social Justice Minister at Boston’s Paulist Center. She teaches Religious Studies and Women’s Studies at Guilford College and is a Campus Ministry Associate at St. Mary’s House, Greensboro, NC. Website: http://actsofhope.blogspot.com/

Martin Smith

Martin L. Smith, MA, is well known throughout the Episcopal Church and beyond as a retreat leader, writer and preacher, exploring a contemporary spirituality that seeks to find resources from our great mystical traditions that deepen our response to contemporary challenges. Among his best loved books, are A Season for the Spirit, The Word is Very Near You, Reconciliation, and Compass and Stars. He serves as Senior Associate Rector at St. Columba’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC.

Margaret Young, SCHC

Margaret Young, SCHC, MA, MD, has discovered gardening and botanical illustration along with nature and art journaling to be her preferred forms of contemplative prayer and connecting with the Divine. After years of practicing as a pediatrician she recently earned a Masters Degree in pastoral ministry from Boston College and is now a full time artist.

Linda Preble McVay , SCHC

Linda Preble McVay, SCHC, is a portrait and medals sculptor, known for capturing the spirit and soul of the people she sculpts. Her goal is to capture in the moment an expression that is both familiar and appealing. In 2010, three of Linda’s bronze medals represented the United States in exhibitions in Finland and Portugal. Her bas relief of The Good Samaritan has been permanently installed in the Lady Chapel, Christ Episcopal Church, Portsmouth, NH, and in the Common Room at Adelynrood. Linda lives in Portsmouth, NH and has a studio at Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, Maine.

Sharon Clark

Sharon Clark, BFA, who will lead a session of Touch Drawing™, is an artist, Reiki professional, and Touch Drawing™ facilitator. Her work in the creative arts includes icon writing, photography, dream illustration, and energy paintings.

William Shullenberger

William Shullenberger, PhD, teaches English and African Literatures at Sarah Lawrence College. From 1992 to 1994 he was a Fulbright Lecturer in American Literature at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. He has published essays on several English poets as well as poems of his own. His book Lady in the Labyrinth: Milton’s ‘Comus’ as Initiation received the Hanford Award from the Milton Society of America. William and his wife, the late Rev. Bonnie Shullenberger, co-authored the book Africa Time: Two Scholars’ Seasons in Uganda.






2010 Program Leaders


Marjean Bailey

Marjean Bailey, since retiring from active ministry, has traveled widely in Ireland, Europe, and Turkey to discover first hand about the Black Madonna. She will share with us what she has learned and experienced concerning the nature of the feminine divine and how we can be helped in our spiritual lives. Marjean now lives in Maine.

Karen Guthrie, SCHC

Karen Guthrie, SCHC came to Hildegard through her lifelong, passionate commitment to the role of music in worship. She earned a Bachelor of Sacred Music degree from St. Olaf College, and a Master of Music in organ from Syracuse University. She served parishes in Wisconsin, New York and Massachusetts as organist and choirmaster and served as Director of the Music Program at Northfield Mount Hermon School.

Barbara Cawthorne Crafton

Barbara Cawthorne Crafton, is an Episcopal priest, spiritual director and author of many books as well as the celebrated “Almost Daily eMo.” She is the founder of The Geranium Farm, an online institute for the promotion of spiritual growth. She served at St. Clement's Church in Manhattan's theatre district, Trinity Church on Wall Street, and St. John's Church in Greenwich Village. She was Chaplain on the waterfront of New York, and at Ground Zero. She served as interim rector of St. James, the American Church in Florence, Italy.

Sara Miles

Sara Miles was raised as an atheist. She lived an enthusiastically secular life as a restaurant cook and war correspondent. Then early one morning, for no earthly reason, she wandered into a church. Sara is the author of Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion, and Jesus Freak: Feeding, Healing, Raising the Dead. She is the founder and director of The Food Pantry www.thefoodpantry.org and the Director of Ministry at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco. www.saramiles.net

Jane Tomaine

Jane Tomaine is an Episcopal priest and author of St. Benedict’s Toolbox: The Nuts and Bolts of Everyday Benedictine Living (Morehouse 2005). She has a fulltime ministry leading retreats, teaching and writing on Benedictine Spirituality. In addition to being a musician, Jane had an eighteen year corporate career and served as rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Livingston, NJ. Visit www.stbenedictstoolbox.org

Ida Johnson, SCHC

Ida Johnson, SCHC is a Deacon who lives in San Miguel de Allende. She has been actively involved in retreats at Adelynrood focused on issues of social justice. During her years in New England she founded ministries serving the homeless and mentally ill. Through her ministry in the church, the development of community programs, and civil disobedience, Ida has devoted her life to addressing social justice issues.

William W. Rich

William W. Rich is an Episcopal priest who serves as the Senior Associate for Christian Formation at Trinity Church, Boston. He also teaches at Union Theological Seminary in NYC, where he earned his Ph.D. He served parishes in the Baltimore area and taught in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Goucher College where he was Chaplain.

Andrew Donnan Smith

Paula Tanzi, SCHC

Bill Gette

Bill Gette, Director of Mass Audubon’s Joppa Flats Education Center located at the gateway to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, is the coordinator for this weekend event. He has been birding the Newburyport/Plum Island area for over 40 years, and he leads domestic and international trips for Mass Audubon. His natural history adventures have taken him to all seven continents.

Lucy Crichton, DMinn, BCC

Lucy Crichton, DMin, BCC, is a Pastoral Leader in the Episcopal Diocese of NH, an interfaith Chaplain at Havenwood-Heritage Heights, a continuing care retirement community in Concord, NH, and a certified labyrinth facilitator. She is co-author of The Healing Handbook and author of Bedside Stories: The Art of Storytelling at the End of Life.

Betty Lane, SCHC

Betty Lane, SCHC, is a life-long church member and has been an active Episcopalian since the 1970s. She is a Eucharist minister and a current EFM (lay theological education) participant. After starting her professional work as a design engineer, she has spent most of her career in Quality Assurance and now consults in the field of medical devices. She has recently added spiritual writing to the professional writing she has done previously. Betty continues to develop her skills in leading Christian education programs and spiritual practices. She is an active member of Christ Episcopal Church, Portsmouth, NH and active committee leader and participant in the SCHC.

2009 Program Leaders

Jill Mackavey, MFA, CMA

Jill Mackavey is a life-long theatre artist currently teaching at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. She has led drama ministries in Florida and Massachusetts and has written several short plays for performance in Christian worship. Her published works include Unreasonable Doubt and Other Soul Searches, a collection of scripts and essays co-authored with her husband, Rick Tagliaferri. She is a Certified Labyrinth Facilitator from Veriditas at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA.

Sharon Sheridan

Sharon Sheridan, the author of Pages of Faith: The Art of Spiritual Scrapbooking, is a freelance writer and editor for a variety of publications including New Jersey Business Magazine, Episcopal Life, and the Newark diocesan newspaper, The Voice. Sharon is an independent scrapbook consultant. She and her family attend St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Morristown, NJ.

Jan Logan, SCHC

Jan Logan is a member of All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Princeton, New Jersey, where she serves as a Lay Eucharistic Minister, and as a member of the Vestry, Altar Guild, and the Prayer Chain. She is also involved in the convocation-wide effort to support the Millennium Development Goals. Jan is the past chairwoman of the Oversight Committee for the Episcopal chaplaincy at Princeton University. She is a faithful bread-maker.

The Rev. Hilary Crupi, OJN

Mother Hilary has been a member of the Order of Julian of Norwich, near Milwaukee, WI, for ten years. The OJN is an order comprised of six nuns and three monks who have taken vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, and prayer. They share a vocation to renew contemplation and spirituality in the Episcopal Church. Mother Hilary served as Chaplain to the Chicago-Midwest Chapter of the SCHC from 2004-2006.

Pamela Hill, PhD, SCHC

Pamela Hill has been serving in schools most of her life. Having recently retired as head of the English department in a girls’ school, she is pursuing her interest in issues relating to both women and girls. Pam has attended two of the annual gatherings of the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women in New York City. She is currently working with two Beijing Circles in Philadelphia.

The Rev. Canon Gordon McBride, PhD

Gordon McBride has been a professional musician, a professor of European and English history, and a parish rector. Wide-ranging interests include the development and leadership of spirituality programs and flying small aircraft. At present he is serving the Diocese of Arizona as chair of the Commission on Ministry and concentrating on his writing. Visit www.gordonmcbride.com

The Rev. Martin L. Smith

Martin L. Smith is well known throughout the Episcopal Church as a teacher and writer dedicated to the exploration of contemporary spirituality with a wide variety of groups for the last thirty years. He serves as Sr. Associate Rector of St. Columba's Church, Washington, DC and continues to travel widely in his ministry as a leader of retreats and workshops.

Karen Mori Bonner, MS, LPC

Karen Mori Bonner has kept a journal of her dreams for twenty-five years. She has led dream groups and workshops in Mississippi for over eight years. Karen became a Jungian-oriented counselor in private practice (being led to do this by her dreams!) after many years in the family retail business. She is a graduate of the Haden Institute’s Dream Group Leadership Training. She has been a parishioner of St. James’ Episcopal Church, Jackson, MS for twenty-six years.

The Rev. Robert Corin Morris

Robert Morris is the founding Director of Interweave Center for Wholistic Living, an interfaith community learning center "for wellness and spirituality and the common good” at Calvary Episcopal Church in Summit, NJ, and a graduate of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. He is the author of three books: Wrestling with Grace: A Spirituality for the Rough Edges of Everyday Life (2003), Suffering and the Courage of God (2005) and Provocative Grace: The Teachings of Jesus as a Spur to Spiritual Growth (2006). Visit www.interweave.org

Eve Williams, SCHC

Eve Williams has served the Church in a variety of communities, from Jersey City, NJ to the South Pacific island kingdom of Tonga. She has an MA in Religious Education from the School of Theology in Claremont, CA, and is experienced in leading prayer groups, adult retreats and interfaith events. Eve is currently learning to write icons, which is for her “like the experience of a child tasting chocolate for the first time.”

Ann Willcutt

Ann Willcutt facilitates clown-within workshops in the greater Boston area. She has thirty-three years of teaching experience in both Waldorf and public schools, and is also a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, and the I Ching. Visit www.nosetonose.info

The Rev. Tom Ward

Tom Ward has been an Episcopal priest for over thirty years, serving congregations in Mississippi and Tennessee. From 1994 through 2005, he was Chaplain at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. Since 1988 he has been engaged with the contemplative dimension of the gospel as taught by Thomas Keating and Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. In the past four years he has given himself to this work full time.

Megan Don

Megan Don from New Zealand is the Award-winning author of Falling into the Arms of God: Meditations with Teresa of Avila and Sacred Companions Sacred Community: Reflections with Clare of Assisi. Megan is a retreat presenter, spiritual director, and works with sound for healing. She also leads pilgrimages to Assisi, Italy. Megan’s work draws from the Christian mystical traditions and incorporates sacred movement, chant, and meditation. Visit www.mysticpeace.com

Gale Lyman, RN, CCM, HN-BC

Gale Lyman is a board certified holistic nurse, a health educator, and the founder of The Lyman Center. Gale is dedicated to helping people take care of themselves holistically. Visit www.lymancenter.com to find out more about Gale.


2008 Program Leaders

Helen Goodkin , SCHC

Helen Goodkin has extensive experience in medical rehabilitation & disability rights, and is the former Director of the Master of Arts and Lay Education Program at The General Theological Seminary in New York City. She is also a Bible study leader, an Education for Ministry mentor, and an SCHC Companion.

Gale Lyman, RN, HN-BC, CCM, CDMS, RM-T

Gale Lyman is a board certified holistic nurse, a health educator, and the founder of The Lyman Center. Gale is dedicated to helping people take care of themselves holistically. Visit www.lymancenter.com

Kathryn Romain, SCHC

Kathryn Romain, SCHC, has been trained as a healing minister and facilitates the healing prayer ministry at St. Augustine's Episcopal Church, Oakland, CA. She is currently in training to be a spiritual director.

David Romain, MA

David Romain, MA, is a community college instructor, who incorporates concepts of earth stewardship into his physical geography coursework. He has recently completed a course through the Formation for Healing Ministry Program, San Francisco, and serves along with Kathy as a Lay Eucharistic Minister.

The Rt. Rev. Mark Dyer

The Rt. Rev. Mark Dyer, our retreat leader, is a retired bishop who currently teaches at Virginia Theological Seminary. In 1971, he came to the diocese of Massachusetts to be pastor to the clergy under Bishop John Burgess. In 1979, he became rector of Christ Church, Hamilton, MA and in 1982, he became the Bishop of the Diocese of Bethlehem, PA. Since 1987, he has worked under all three Archbishops of Canterbury doing theological and pastoral work seeking unity for the Anglican Communion.

Sally Fisher , SCHC

Sally Fisher, SCHC, recently retired from her job as a computer systems analyst for North Carolina Public Television. She has served the Society in many roles including Treasurer, member of the Nominating Committee, and leader of the SCHC Chapter in North Carolina. She is the mother of five, grandmother of five and the wife of an Episcopal priest.

Bonnie Anderson, DD, SCHC

Bonnie Anderson, DD, SCHC is currently the President of the House of Deputies of The Episcopal Church and has been an active lay person for over 30 years. As an adjunct at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, she taught in the School of Natural Resources and the Women’s Studies Department. Bonnie was trained as a community organizer in Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation, and also served as Canon to the Ordinary in the Diocese of Michigan. She has received an honorary doctorate of theology from the Episcopal Divinity School and an honorary doctorate of canon law from Seabury Western Theological Seminary.

The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg

The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg, Chaplain to this event, is the National Correspondent for the Episcopal News Service (ENS) and is also Assisting Priest at Trinity Church, Asbury Park, New Jersey. In her pastoral ministry she journeys with people as they search for, encounter and respond to the risen Christ and as they become ministers, theologians, and friends in Christ.

Robin Antonia Hendrich and Paula Tanzi

Robin Antonia Hendrich and Paula Tanzi are members of the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross. Both consider prayer as integral to their work, Paula as an artist and a high school special educator, and Robin first as a flutist and professor of music, and now as a criminal defense attorney. Robin’s Prayer for Children is included in Women's Uncommon Prayers.

The Rt. Rev. Barbara C. Harris

The Rt. Rev. Barbara C. Harris is the retired Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Massachusetts, and the first woman elected to the episcopacy in the Anglican Communion. Prior to her election as bishop she had a varied ministry as a parish priest, prison chaplain, and Executive Director of the Episcopal Church Publishing Co., publisher of The Witness magazine, for which she wrote a monthly column. Before ordination Bishop Harris had a career in the field of Public Relations. She also has been active in civil rights and peace & justice causes. Barbara is the author of Parting Words, a book of sermons delivered during the year preceding her retirement.

Joan Cannon Borton, MEd

Joan Cannon Borton, MEd is the author of Deep in the Familiar (Pilgrim Press, 2001) and Drawing from the Women’s Well (LuraMedia, 1991). Joan, a retired Licensed Mental Health Counselor, continues to lead retreats and journal workshops and leads women in spiritual direction. She and her husband, a retired UCC minister, live in Portland, ME.

LR Berger

LR Berger, New England Associate for Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service, offers nonviolence education programs throughout the U.S. and in Canada. As an educator, counselor and poet she is devoted to understanding and healing the wounds of violence. She has been trained in nonviolence education by Pace e Bene, The Fellowship of Reconciliation, Andover Newton Theological Seminary, and the Boston Theological Institute. Her book of poems, The Unexpected Aviary, was awarded the Jane Kenyon Award. For more information go to: www.paceebene.org

Ruth Ann Dillon, SCHC

Ruth Ann Dillon, SCHC, holds a BA in Music, Orff Certification in Music Methods, and a MA in Education with an emphasis in multicultural music. Her experience includes Episcopal Parish Music Director, Arts Administration and Music Education in private and public schools. A licensed Eucharistic minister and Lay Liturgist, she is a member of Trinity Church, Boston, where she served as Director of Youth Music and is currently active as a member of the Worship Team.

Janet O'Flynn, SCHC

Janet O'Flynn, SCHC, is an occupational therapist in the public schools and teaches a graduate course at Syracuse University. She has lived overseas in Guyana and Peru, and has joined medical trips to Haiti. She sings in church and community choirs, and plays the flute for worship.

William Shullenberger

William Shullenberger is the Joseph Campbell Chair in Humanities at Sarah Lawrence College, where he teaches English and African literature, and literary theory. From 1992 to 1994 he was a Fulbright Lecturer in American Literature at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. His book on Milton, entitled Lady in the Labyrinth: Milton’s Comus as Initiation, is scheduled for publication in 2008. An Episcopal lay reader, vestry member, and church school teacher, Bill and his wife, The Rev. Bonnie Shullenberger, SCHC, have coauthored a book of journal essays and poems about their experience in Uganda, Africa Time: Two Scholars’ Seasons in Uganda.

Lynne Nelson, RN, MS, SCHC

Lynne Nelson, RN, MS, SCHC has been a member of an intentional community, Karatana, since the early 1970s. She currently is an adjunct professor in nursing at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Lynne is a poet and freelance writer, and has led retreats and held workshops focusing on issues in science and health.

T. Sammie Wakefield, OTR/L, ATP, SCHC

T. Sammie Wakefield, OTR/L, ATP, SCHC is a sculptor and an Occupational Therapist with a specialty in Seating and Mobility. In addition to many years of working in this area of Assistive Technology, she has recently participated in a mission trip to do fitting of wheelchairs for children in Peru. While she has been doing wood carving all her life, the majority of her work dates from 1986 to the present. Sammie’s sculptures are in private and municipal collections throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

Deirdre Good

Deirdre Good is Professor of New Testament at The General Theological Seminary and holds a Master of Theology from St. Andrew’s University, Scotland; Master of Sacred Theology, Union Theological Seminary; and Doctor of Theology, Harvard University. She is widely published and her book, Jesus' Family Values (Church Publishing 2006) explores this topic in depth.

Clare Walker Leslie

Clare Walker Leslie has been teaching and leading workshops in drawing nature and field journaling for over thirty years. She is a visiting faculty member at Williams College, Harvard's Landscape Design Program, College of the Atlantic, and many other schools and nature centers. She is a working professional artist, with exhibitions throughout New England. Clare is the author of nine books, including Keeping A Nature Journal, Nature All Year Long and The Ancient Celtic Festivals. For more information, go to: www.clarewalkerleslie.com

Heather Pentland, MDiv, SCHC

Heather Pentland, MDiv, SCHC is a lay Episcopal chaplain, spiritual director, educator, and group facilitator. She is the current chairwoman of the SCHC Worship Committee. Heather has had a long-time interest in Celtic spirituality and is eager to share her love of the holy and historic Isle of Iona.

Adam Segal

Adam Segal has been cooking professionally for over twenty years. He has prepared foods in Indian ashrams, college sororities, restaurants, exclusive caterers and is currently in his third year as the Chef Manager of Adelynrood. Prior to beginning his culinary career, Adam earned his bachelor’s degree in International Affairs then realized that his greatest satisfaction comes from working creatively with his hands. Adam has a professional culinary arts degree from The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY. Influenced by extensive travels abroad, his cooking style is seasonally oriented and ethnically diverse, relying on vast amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. While healthfulness is a primary goal, he is not immune to the consoling benefits of comfort foods.

Fall 2007 program leaders

Lee McGee, SCHC  

Lee McGee, SCHC is a priest of the Episcopal Church and retired professor of Pastoral Counseling at Yale Divinity School. Her career spans a variety of work in college chaplaincy, parish ministry, teaching social work, psychotherapy, consulting and parenthood. She is a retreat leader and a spiritual director. She resides on a working farm in Colorado with her husband and her faithful guide dog.

Margy Gifford, SCHC

Margy Gifford has been teaching English at the Community College of Baltimore County for twenty years and currently chairs the English Department. “Windows to Windows™” is adapted from a semester-long honors seminar of technology and the information revolution. Her last presentation at Adelynrood was “Bad Girls of the Bible”.

Gillian Thomas, SCHC

Gillian Thomas has a Master’s degree in spiritual direction from General Seminary and has led several retreats. She is an avid gardener, and nurtures this passion, while using her professional experience as a municipal planner, to fulfill her current role as Chairwoman of Gardens at Adelynrood.

Program leaders 2007 Summer Season Programs

Anne Marie Bennett, BS

Anne Marie Bennett, BS is an educator, artist, freelance writer, and experienced SoulCollage ® facilitator. She has taught children, teens and adults throughout the eastern United States. Workshop participants flourish as she gently guides them through the process of self-discovery. She encourages playful, creative self-expression with gentleness, joy, and an open heart. Her website is www.KaleidoSoul.com.

Marilyn Berthelette, SCHC

Marilyn Berthelette, SCHC lives in Greenfield, MA and has a love of knitting, quilting, embroidery, and music.

Judith Conley, SCHC

Judith Conley, SCHC is an active Episcopalian and lay minister in Arizona where she lives with her husband. She was one of the representatives to the 7th World Council of Churches Assembly in Canberra Australia in 1991. She is co-author of the Dreamworks Process, which was used to develop The Episcopal Church’s anti-racism national training program. Judith is currently Chairwoman of the Diocesan Anti-racism Committee in the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona and was on the 1997 Nominating Committee for Presiding Bishop. She is a certified anti-racism trainer.

L. William Countryman, PhD

L. William Countryman, PhD is a priest of the Episcopal Church and the Sherman E. Johnson Professor in Biblical Studies at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, CA. He is the author of a number of books on spirituality, two of which are of particular relevance to this session: Forgiven and Forgiving, Good News of Jesus, and Love Human and Divine.

Jaci Fellows, SCHC

Jaci Fellows, SCHC lives in Philadelphia and is a fiber woman of many genres – weaving, knitting, and embroidery.

Lyn M. Fraser, DMin

Lyn M. Fraser, DMin has been involved with hospice organizations for more than fifteen years in patient care and bereavement. She has taught at Texas A&M University and at Mesa State College in Colorado. A lifelong Episcopalian, Lyn is the author of Prayers from the Darkness, the Difficult Psalms and Water from the Rock, Finding Grace in Time of Grief. Lyn is currently a volunteer chaplain where she provides spiritual care for patients, facilitates bereavement support groups, teaches creative writing to incarcerated teens, and has helped develop a hospice program in which teen volunteers help hospice patients record their life stories.

Jehanne M Gheith, PhD, SCHC

Jehanne M Gheith, PhD, SCHC is an Associate Professor of Russian Literature and Culture and Co-Director of International Comparative Studies at Duke University. She is also studying in an MSW/MDiv program with a focus on bereavement work. She recently won the Trinity College Richard K. Lublin award for excellence in teaching. Author and editor of several books, she is currently working on a book called A Dog Named Stalin: Memory, Trauma, and the Gulag.

Ana Hernández

Ana Hernández is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and consultant. She leads workshops on the uses of chanting and rhythm to foster deep listening, balance, compassion, and laughter. She has produced five CDs; most recently HARC: Inside Chants, with sound healer and singer Ruth Cunningham. She is the author of The Sacred Art of Chant: Preparing to Practice. Her website is www.anahermusic.com.

Lynne Kozlowski, SCHC

Lynne Kozlowski, SCHC has been a Licensed Family Child Care Provider for more than twenty-five years. She is the mother of two grown children and is active in parish ministry and adult Christian Education at St. John's Episcopal Church, Westwood, MA. When not finger-painting or stringing wooden beads with toddlers, Lynne is an avid reader and gardener.

John Lloyd, BFA

John Lloyd, BFA is an artist who has spent the past 30 years studying the art of cultures from around the world. Having initially earned his degree from the unique combined Tufts University/Boston Museum of Fine Arts Program, he has spent the past several years studying with Keith Critchlow, a world-renowned architect, author, and teacher of sacred geometry. John is the son and grandson of Episcopal missionaries to Japan.

Lee McGee, SCHC

Lee McGee, SCHC is a priest of the Episcopal Church and retired professor of Pastoral Counseling at Yale Divinity School. Her career spans a variety of work in college chaplaincy, parish ministry, teaching social work, psychotherapy, consulting and parenthood. She is a retreat leader and a spiritual director. She resides on a working farm in Colorado with her husband and her faithful guide dog.

William W. Rich, PhD

William W. Rich, PhD is the Associate Rector for Adult Christian Formation at Trinity Church in Boston. He also teaches in New York City at the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute and at Union Theological Seminary where he did his doctoral work in Psychology and Religion. For more than two decades he has served as a spiritual director and a retreat leader.

Bavi Edna ("Nedi") Rivera

Bavi Edna ("Nedi") Rivera is Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Olympia (Seattle), the first Hispanic woman bishop in the history of The Episcopal Church. One of her areas of leadership is getting more people involved in focusing on the future leadership of the church and developing multi-cultural congregations. In her keynote address to the 2005 meeting of the Episcopal Women's Caucus, Rivera recounted her sense of responsibility to the women who served in all forms of ministry before her – family, teachers, mentors and friends – and her commitment to tell their stories for our continued inspiration.

Joan Russell, SCHC

Joan Russell, SCHC is a licensed Eucharistic minister, chairwoman of the Worship Committee in her parish, St. John's Episcopal Church in Westwood, MA, and a former director of Adelynrood. She is a world traveler who is passionate about the plight of the homeless, the hungry and the imprisoned.

Kathy Schlecht, SCHC

Kathy Schlecht, SCHC lives in North Attleboro, MA and is a knitter who has a passion for knitting groups, ministries, and yarn!

Martin Smith

Martin Smith is a priest of the Episcopal Church and is well known as a writer, preacher, and teacher. He travels widely leading retreats and workshops and has recently served for three years on the staff of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Currently he serves as theologian in residence on the staff of St. Columba's Church, a large and vibrant parish in Washington, D.C.

Alene M. Tate, SCHC

Alene M. Tate, SCHC is an active layperson in the Episcopal Church, having served in local, diocesan and national leadership positions. Her professional background includes work with Family and Children's Services and thirty years in supervisory administration of social insurance programs.