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Are You Called to be a Companion?
Here’s How Discernment Works.

  • Are you called?
  • Are you called?
  • Are you called?

Perhaps you have visited Adelynrood for a program or retreat, or perhaps you have read about one of our founders in Holy Women, Holy Men or about the SCHC in an issue of the Anglican Theological Review, and you have been led to consider deepening your own spiritual life and ministry in companionship with others. You are now wondering if you might be called to become a Companion in the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross.

At this point, you might want to contact the Companion-in-Charge of Discerners at or the Companion-in-Charge of Chapters at

When you have indicated your interest, you will be invited to attend a chapter meeting at a location nearest to you. Depending on the location and size of the chapter, chapter meetings take place at intervals ranging from twice per year to every month.

The meeting format varies for each chapter, but all chapters pray together, provide programs (such as book studies and retreat days), conduct SCHC business, and nurture those in the chapter as they share their spiritual lives and live out their ministries in the world.

After a year of attending a chapter as an inquirer, you will be asked if you are interested in continuing as a Discerner. The discernment period takes anywhere from one to two years. During this time you will be mentored by two Sponsors who join with you in discussing the works on the Discerner reading list, take part in chapter meetings, and learn about the larger corporate life and ministry of the Society.

At the end of the discernment period, you will be asked to write a few reflections about those areas of life and faith that you will agree to live out in the Companion vows.


  • To serve God day by day in thanksgiving, in the ministry of intercession, and in simplicity of life.
  • To pray and work for social justice and peace, for the unity of all God’s people, and for the mission of God in the world.
  • To practice peacemaking and non-violence, acknowledging responsibility for the environment and for economic justice throughout the world.
  • To live in singleness of heart and mind so that my way of life bears witness to God’s love.
  • To lead a simple, disciplined life and be a faithful steward of all that God has given me.
  • To support the corporate life and ministries of the Society with my time, talent, and treasure.

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